World News Today

4 Apr

Here are the biggest stories in the world today, 4th April 2014.

Subs to search for MH370

The search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370  moved under water today with a US Navy “black box” detector used to try and detect the flights cockpit recorder. Sources say that it could be just days before the locator beacon for the recorder ceases transmission as battery life dwindles. It is now 30 days since MH370 and the 239 people on board went missing. It is believed that MH370 crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, more than 1,700 km off the Western Coast of Australia where planes and ships have so far unsuccessfully scoured a search area of 223,000 sq km. For more go to Reuters.

Security tightened ahead of Afghan Poll

More than 200,000 Afghan troops have been deployed to provide security as Afghans prepare to vote for their next President on Saturday. The Taliban have threatened to disrupt the poll which will see eight candidates vie for office. The incumbent President Hamad Karzai will step down as he is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term. Karzai has been president since the Taliban were toppled by a US-led NATO force in 2001, who are preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan later this year. For more go to BBC.

Murders in El Salvador up 44%

The number of murders in the Central American country of El Salvador increased by 44% for the first three months of this year (794 murders) compared to the same time last year (551 murders), leaving a two-year truce between rival gangs almost broken. A truce between two of El Salvador’s most violent gangs was brokered two-years ago, leading to a significant drop in murders in a country which in 2011 had the world’s highest murder rate at 66 per 100,000 inhabitants. Sources have attributed the increase in murders to police brutality and political instability. For more go The Irish Times.

Also in world news today.

Letterman to quit ‘Late Show’ next year

Russia raises gas prices for Ukraine 80%

US admits to ‘Cuban Twitter’


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