World News Today

29 Mar

Here are the biggest stories in the news today, the 29th March 2014.

Ships race to find MH370 

Two Chinese ships are en route to where new objects were spotted in the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  The objects were spotted by planes on Friday and are located 1,850 kilometres off Australia’s Western Coast and the city of Perth. Analysts have suggested that the airplane was travelling faster than previously suggested, burning fuel at a faster rate. As a result the new search is more than 1,100 kilometres north-east of the previous one. For more go the BBC.

Russia masses troops near Ukraine

The US has voiced its concern over the buildup of Russian forces near the border of Ukraine. US sources believe as many as 40,000 Russian military personnel have been deployed to the regions. There are fears, from both US and European sources, that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be preparing to make another incursion into Ukraine. For more go to Reuters.

Cameron welcomes same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage became legal in the UK as of today. The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act came into force in July last year but couples have had to wait till this month to register. Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the change in the law,  declaring that it sent a “powerful message” about equality and that it said “something important” about British society. For more to go the Guardian.

Also in the news today

Adverse weather hampers search for victims of Washington mudslide

Reports of falling childhood obesity ‘overblown’

LA rattled by 5.1 Earthquake



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