Half of Americans See New Cold War

29 Mar

Fifty percent of Americans think that the US and Russia are headed towards a new cold war, according to a Gallup poll taken last week. Gallup’s findings come just days after President Barack Obama said he had no interest in entering a new cold war with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The relationship between the two countries has deteriorated after the US imposed sanctions on Russian citizens following its military occupation and subsequent annexation of Crimea.

The situation in Eastern Europe remains tense with Russian forces massed near the border with Ukraine in a move that many view as an attempt by Putin to reassert Russian influence in a region which has in recent years  come under increasing influence by the US and the West.

The US and Russia have also opposed one another on other important international issues, such as the Syrian Civil War and Iran’s nuclear programme.

It has also been suggested that Putin was aggrieved at the absence of Obama and other Western leaders at last month’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Obama’s absence has been suggested as a protest against Russia’s recent anti-gay propaganda law.

Putin’s move against the rights of Russia’s gay community contrasts with Obama, who has been a strong supporter of gay rights, and gay marriage in particular.

The deterioration of  the relationship  between the US and Russia on important political and social issues has been viewed as a reversion to the pre-1991 relationship, when the US and the then USSR were ideologically opposed to one another.

Those most concerned with such a possible reversion in US and Russian relations are those who lived through the Cold War. More than two-thirds of Americans aged 65 and above believe that the two countries are headed toward a new Cold War.


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