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George in, Tyler out for royal baby

24 Jul
george vi

George VI: Great-great grandfather and likely namesake of future King

Now that the royal baby is born, worldwide attention, or rather anticipation, turns to his name, which William and Kate have just under six weeks to decide.

But though this monarchy has come to be defined by its modernity, those whom may expect a future King Tyler, Josh or even Jack, that most popular of baby names, will sadly be disappointed.

There are unwritten, albeit rigid rules for naming heirs to the throne. Minor royals, or at least those unlikely to be crowned, can be called Zara or Beatrix, or even Tane. But for those that would be King or Queen the options are finite indeed.

Since 1066, there have been only nine regal names for Kings, two of which are unlikely to be in the mix, given that King Stephen was a usurper, and King John, well he was a bit useless as Kings go.

The likely seven options are William, Henry, George, Charles, Richard, James, and Edward. Given that there are Princes William, Charles, Henry (Harry) and Edward (Charle’s younger brother), there is an even greater chance that he shall be either James, Richard, or George.

If  he is to be named James, and succeed to the throne, he would be the first King James since James II, the last Roman Catholic monarch to reign in Britain.

If he is to be named Richard, he will be the first King Richard since the much-storied King Richard III, whose remains were recently discovered under a city council car park.

Given the want of this monarchy to avoid controversy, and appease public opinion, the obvious name for the future king is George, the last of whom was King George VI, the popular war-time monarch, and father of Queen Elizabeth II.

And with the bookmaker Paddy Power offering odds of 2/1, it looks like William and Kate will likely stick with tradition and go for the safe, albeit slightly boring, name of George.