Irish astronomers discover new black hole. It’s Mullingar.

11 Jan

Mullingar; So dark it cant reflect light

SANTIAGO, CHILE– Using an observatory high in the Andes mountains of Chile, a team of Irish astronomers were astounded this week to discover a new black hole located in the Irish midland town of Mullingar.

Black holes, region of spacetime from which nothing, not even light can escape, are rare finds,with the last one, documented last year, located in Hull, England.

While the discovery has shocked many in the scientific community,  many in the vicinity of the town have been noticeable by their lack of surprise.

“Sure it was to be expected” claimed Martin Jordan, a resident of nearby Athlone. “I thought Carlow may have been the darkest place in Ireland but I always thought Mullingar would run it a close second. So I was half right”.

It’s been widely assumed that the news will have little bearing on the town as it was already considered a location unfit for human habitation years ago.


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  1. Conor Foley January 14, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Love this

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