Jesus: Sick for his mummy

23 Nov

Oh Carlos Tevez, when will you learn that if there’s one thing the public hates its prima donna millionaire footballers. The Argentines refusal to play for Man City this week has stoked many a pundit’s ire, both professional and amateur alike. However, his petulancy is not so much born out of a desire for more money or fame but rather in something more innocent; a longing to move home. Something another famous footballer can readily identify with.

Jesus Navas, as the name suggests, is a Spanish footballer of some repute. Unfortunately that repute extends beyond the pitch as well. Navas suffers from crippling homesickness, reportedly experiencing acute anxiety attacks when away from his hometown of Seville for prolonged periods of time.

Of course, many a young man has suffered while pining for home. However, Navas is different. His talent is unique and while his club, Seville FC, are not exactly small fries, they’re not in the same league of great clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United. In fact, Chelsea, even with their billions in petro-dollars, were firmly rejected by the youngster at the age of 20 because he feared the homesickness would be all too much.

So bad was his disorder that he even considered missing Spain’s sojourn to South Africa for last year’s World cup. Resolved to overcome his fear, he took the plunge and travelled with his countrymen.  The rest is history with Spain emerging victorious and Navas playing a pivotal role on their road to glory.

So spare a thought for Jesus, and maybe Carlos too. Just like the most stilted of Hollywood clichés; you can have all the money and success in the world, travel to exotic places and rub shoulders with the world’s most powerful, but in the end there’s no place like home.



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