Anarchists: Everyone’s worst enemy

23 Nov

The continued clamour on Dame Street has not only served to remind us of the frailty of our own current economic situation, but of the global economic system too. Many, if not most of those currently encamped at the financial seat of the state do so with good cause. Victims of the economic collapse, they want nothing more than a just solution that favours the many rather than the few. Unfortunately that sentiment is being drowned out by an imbecilic few; Anarchists, whose designs are not for the change of the system but for its total destruction.

The Occupy Wall street protests have spawned a variety of offspring, most of which share, with little or no diffidence, the concerns of those, who until last week, dwelt in the plazas of New York’s financial district. Unfortunately, smatterings of black attired Anarchists have exploited the momentum of the movement to expound their own particularly warped views. They have done so in pretence of solidarity with those who claim to stand for 99% of the population. Many of these flagrant opportunists have found their way to Dame Street.

This same small corps of nomadic naysayers, perennially hollering against the ‘establishment’, also manned the gantries of Dale Farm in Essex. Their lack of political allegiance and clarity allows them to be capricious in choosing their causes, rallying from Rossport to Essex to Dublin. They contend to speak for the masses, a narcissistic claim predicated on the delusion that the rest of us have been unwittingly caught under the grip of elite-sponsored propaganda. Any residual sympathy for them is quickly dissipated given their proclivity to turn to violence, regardless of circumstance.

While the message from New York has been convoluted of late, the basic crux of an argument is there. The frustration is with the current system championed by the plutocrats of Wall Street, who not only stemmed but perpetuated the economic ruin of the past three years.  Wealthy men and women who are still fostering a culture that both solidifies and advances the position of the 1%, that not only designed and advocated a ruinous system but also benefited massively from it, creating an economic disparity that gained even greater traction as regulatory laws were stripped back under successive US administrations.

The calls of the Occupy Wall Street movement are for the reform of the system, not its destruction. This tempered view has not only garnered the sympathy of trade unionists, academics and politicians, it’s also aroused the participation of those normally not prone to acts of public demonstration. Even if there is a prevailing naivety amongst many in attendance, the frustration is still real and just and thus should be taken seriously. This is what the protesters in Dame Street need to grasp.

Unfortunately those who would rather whoop and holler, just for the sake of it, may temper the mood. We saw it this year in Dale Farm and in the incessant violence  of Athens, as hooded thug’s battled police with bricks and bottles. Anarchists have neither the want nor the patience to accept the gradual nature of change. Pugnacious and uncouth, they spoil the validity of the true message of protest, leading both the media and public alike to paint all with a broad and disdainful brush. They claim to speak for the 99%, they don’t. We are not the duped many, they are the deluded few.


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